The Story of AEGIR and his KETILL

In Ancient Norse Mythology Aegir (pronounced Eye-Gear), was the God of the Sea, but now he is the keeper of your Hydration!

After over half of a century working in extreme conditions all over the world, our founders searched for a bottle that wouldn’t sweat, leak or make your drink taste like plastic.
Our search found few options, and none at a reasonable price…..So we decided to make our own!

We have made a tough, stylish and above all well engineered bottle to keep your drink as hot or as cold as you want it!

Utilising Thermal Insulation Barrier Technology and quality Stainless Steel construction that will last for years to come, we are also doing our part to reduce the worlds dependence on single use plastics.

Mythology tells us that Aegir drank from a huge cauldron known as a ‘Ketill’ which was often filled with Ale at the great parties he proudly hosted. We figured that a cauldron would not be well suited to todays fast-paced modern world, so we scaled it down and put a lid on it!

Aegir Ketill® is a small business on a big mission. We are concerned about the 1.5 Billion plastic bottles purchased everyday worldwide. The effects on our environment and to people regularly drinking from plastic bottles is becoming more apparent every day.

We wanted a non-toxic solution to single-use plastic water bottles. That’s why we produce only 18/8 (food grade) stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottles.

We are very proud to introduce to you:
Aegir Ketill – The Cauldron has evolved!

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